Why I'm Running

As a lifelong resident of Baltimore City who is now raising a family of my own here, it's time we had a government that put people first!

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Constituent Services

         Constituent services is the cornerstone to the work I will do as a member of the City Council. Ensuring equity in the distribution of services and creating a system that is transparent and available to all neighbors in the 14th District is why we created "OurDistrict14.com". The days of knowing a secret handshake to get services in Baltimore is over.         

City Charter Reform

         We need reform to allow community members to have input in how our city operates, to increase accountability and provide transparency. Our Strong Mayor form of government has created an environment of political corruption and abuse of power. These reforms give oversight authority to the City Council and balances the powers in city government.


         I have a duty to ensure the students in our city have access to high quality education and the ability to learn and play in schools that are state of the art and safe. I’ll fight for ensuring that 25% of the annual city budget goes towards education; 13% is not enough. We will activate School Family Councils and parent groups while supporting vibrant community schools.         

Public Safety

         A comprehensive strategy must be community-centered and approached through the lens of public health. It should acknowledge the differences and strengths of neighborhood and provide resources to improve the quality of life for everyone. I will expand the work I’ve done around micro-community policing to communities throughout the district.

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